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Yu-No, Ep. 1-4

Scheda tecnica agg. al 09.05.2006

Titolo fuori catalogo
Episode #1: The Spectacle of Seduction
I want to send my father a song. i want to tell him of my overflowing feelings. I am dreaming for the day when we will meet again...
There was something different that night...
Takuya's father died during an accident while he was doing research. Worried about his young stepmother, Ryumi, takuya follows her to Ken point. Watching her and her best friend, Mitsuki, from behind a rock, a sudden flash of light turns into an unearthly beautiful woman. The mysterious woman slips a ring on his finger, and Takuya's travels into a parallel world begins.
This ring is the key between Takuya and his different realities..

Episode #2: The Concerto of Strange Incontinuity
I am Waiting to meet you ..She is waiting for her father ina world far away...
A blonde, beautiful woman wanders the paths of time...
Takuya is taken to his stepmother's company headquarters, Geo Technics, by a mysterious girl. Meanwhile, Miyo is making love to Canna. Cann's mind drifts during the lovemaking, and she sees a blonde, beautiful figure. The figure tells her mysterious things...""Blue light leads the way, black leads to destruction."" Puzzled, Canna asks the figure, ""Who..who are you?"" The figure replies with a cryptic answer... ""We are both related to my father...""

Episode #3: The Cinderella of the Junction
Cinderella that can't be queen looking for eternity...
The sudden, quier death of Canna Hatano...
Takuya was able to bring Canna back to life by following Eriko's advice. Instead of changing the past, it is now possible to create a new history altogether. But why? Looking for answers, takuya sets off on a new adventure...
Following the light, he is thrown into a new, mysterious world called Della Grand. It is a beautiful contry of lush forests and stark deserts. His future is waiting for him here. The fate of the world in her hands, the great pristess Selles tells Takuya ""you are my eternity; I have been looking for you.""
They will eventually have a daughter - she is Yu-No.

Episode #4: The Goddes Sings at the Edge of the World
I will wait until the kiss of my awakening. Entrusted with the fate of her decaying world, what will be Yu-No's answer?
It's been two months since Miyo, and many others, have been taken prisoner by the armor-clad soldiers. Naked and chained in a dungeon with others, Miyo ponders her dismal situation. Suddenly, a female figure enters her dungeon cell, wielding a sword. it is Canna, and she is there to free Miyo.
Miyo and Canna sneak into a pool reserved for the high priestess. Yu-No, having lost her earlier memories, encounters them at the pool. Yu-No, now training to become the high priestess, is angered by the violation of her pool. She raises her sword to punish both Canna and Miyo when Takuya blocks her sword and saves them both.
Scheda Film
Titolo Originale --  
Nazionalitą Giappone
Genere Anime Hentai
Durata 120' circa
Regia Katsuma Kanazawa, Takeo Takahashi, Yukio Segami
Scritto da Osamu Kudo, Katsuma Kanazawa, Yukihiro Kenno, Yasushi Nagaoka, Tetsuro Aoki
Interpreti Kimiko Koyama, Susumu Chiba, Ai Uchikawa, Mari Adachi, Mie Sonozaki
Cantanti Mie Sonozaki

Produzione Silver Star
Distribuzione Import
Codice Area Zona 2 - Europa
EAN 5205058815049
Supporto 9 - Singolo lato, doppio strato
Audio Inglese: Dolby Digital 2.0
Giapponese: Dolby Digital 2.0
Sottotitoli Inglese, Greco.
Formato video 1.33:1
Confezione N/A

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Yu-No, Ep. 1-4

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