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Luv Wave, Ep. 1-3

Scheda tecnica agg. al 09.05.2006

Titolo fuori catalogo
Episode #1: The 1st Process
BC 2039, New York. A man under the spell of cyber psychosis enters a building with a woman as his hostage. Agent Alice is sent in to assassinate the man. As soon as her bullet tears through his body, the international computer networks are shut down, affected by the computer virus Xinn.
BC 2039, Tokyo. The international computer network security commission has ordered Agent Kaoru Mikogami with a new assignment: to assassinate hacker Mercy Spectre. His crime: stealing top secret information from the CIA databank. With Alice's help, she is able to succeed, but now his undead memory and personality ha invaded the worldwide network, invading minds of cyberdrug users. This is the technology he hacked from the CIA.... Now, Mercy is free to travel the network, becoming virtually unstoppable!

Episode #2: The 2nd Process
BC 2039, Tokyo. Top agents Alice and Kaoru Mikogami succeeded in the assassination of the CIA technology hacker Mercy Spectre. However, his memory and personality has invaded the network, invading the minds of drug abusers. Within this ocean of computer networks, Mercy is becoming virtually unstoppable!
A new drug, Nine Heaven, allows the users to connect to the vast network freely, allowing easy access and escape for Mercy's undead memory. The technology for 9 Heaven is made super cyborgs like Alice a reality. Kaoru's younger sister, Mamoru, is starting her investigation on violent crimes relating to cyber psychosis. To get more information, she will try to access the information of the private soldier used by Digital Demand Inc. Will she succeed...?

Episode #3: The 3rd Process
BC 2039, Investigating the cyberdrug Nine Heaven, Kaoru's sister Mamoru has succeeded in accessing Shadow, the private soldiers of Digital Demand, Inc. However, the Shadows react violently towards the intrusion, and turn on Mamoru. Kaoru rushes to save Mamoru as soon as she finds out, but Mamoru is incoherent, having been dosed with 9 Heaven.
The mysterious Mercy Spectre invades Alice. With Mercy controlling her, Alice becomes more human as she pursues Kaoru. When Alice reaches an orgasm, Mayumi's identity starts revealing itself in Alice.
With Mercy as the key, Mayumi resurrects inside Alice. What is the connection between Xink and Mayumi? What is going to happen to Alice? The mysteries are all answered in this final conclusion.
Scheda Film
Titolo Originale --  
Nazionalità Giappone
Genere Anime Hentai
Durata 85' circa
Interpreti Keiko Kimura, Mika Hazuki, Mirei Yamano, Wakaba Aoi, Y Usausa, Yumiko

Produzione Silver Star
Distribuzione Import
Codice Area Zona 2 - Europa
EAN 5205058815032
Supporto 9 - Singolo lato, doppio strato
Audio Inglese: Dolby Digital 2.0
Giapponese: Dolby Digital 2.0
Sottotitoli Inglese, Greco.
Formato video 1.33:1
Confezione N/A

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Luv Wave, Ep. 1-3

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