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D+VINE [LUV], Ep. 1-4

Scheda tecnica agg. al 09.05.2006

Titolo fuori catalogo
Episode #1: Amulet
Hyde, with his sidekick, Sakura, are treasure hunters. They are staying in a small village while they look for their treasure, the legacy of the old world! The treasure lies inside a cave, and Hyde finds a lot of action during his search, fighting off monsters, and saving a beautiful, mysterious treasure-hunter. One day during his search, Hyde comes across a sealed door. An amulet that a dying man gave him unexpectedly opens the door. He enters, and finds a naked girl, encased in ice! Suddenly, the amulet frees the girl from the ice, and she falls into Hyde's arm, unconscious. Who is this mysterious girl, and what does she know about the legacy of the old world? Hyde rushes her to the doctor, only to find that this girl, Youra, has lost her memory!!! Hyde is convinced that she is the key to finding the treasure, be he also wants to help her... Starting with his spontaneous, lust-filled encounter with Manatee, the sexy priestess, to his passionate romp with Shizuki, the town doctor, Hyde still finds plenty of time to fill his adventures with hot, dripping sex!!!

Episode #2: Elixir
Mia saved Hyde's life, so he sets out to repay her kindness by searching for an elixir that will restore her health. During his search for the elixir, he meets Ghuran, the partner of the mysterious treasure-hunter, Teres. Later, Hyde discovers that Slain, a ruthless wizard, is also after the same treasure! Teres is injured in an encounter with Slain inside the cave. Hyde and Ghuran rush her to Dr. Shizuki... As for Youra, she is still unable to recall her memory. Will Hyde get ahead of the competition in his search for the treasure? Will he find the elixir that will help Mia? With all the chaos mounting in his life, Hyde still finds plenty of time for lusty encounters. From Priol the maid, to his sidekick Sakura, Hyde spices up his adventures with breathless, steamy sex!

Episode #3: Storm-bringer
After taking the elixir as a last resort, Mia has recovered her health, but she is now suffering from a side effect- uncontrollable lust! Priol watches Mia suffer every night, as Mia writhes in her bed, trying to restrain her boiling desires... The cure for this side effect is to have a man quench the thirst for lust.... Hyde comes to the rescue, and Mia satisfies her burning desires in a one-night, red-hot, sexcapade! However, Hyde wakes up to shocking news- Teres and Youra are missing from the hospital! Soon, Hyde and Ghuran discover that Slain has taken both women hostage! Will they be able to save Teres and Youra? Will Hyde give up him amulet to Slain? What is Youra's true identity? Is she the key to the treasure? Follow Hyde and his adventures in the third episode of this four-part series!

Episode #4: Legacy
After Slain uses the amulet and Youra to open the door that leads to the legacy of the old world, Youra collapses to the ground. Teres runs inside, chasing Slain. Hyde rushes in after Teres, while Ghuran carries Youra back to the hospital. Hyde finds Teres unconscious, and brings her back to their camp. This leads to a furious, smoldering, session of hardcore sex as Teres' tears turn into cries of pleasure.... However, Youra has disappeared again, and Hyde sets off to find her.
In this final episode, the true identity of the legacy of the old world will finally revealed!! What is the connection between Youra and the legacy? With Slain's Storm-Bringer in his hand, Hyde will face the ultimate challenge and heartbreak of his life in this final episode!
Scheda Film
Titolo Originale --  
Nazionalitą Giappone
Genere Anime Hentai
Durata 120' circa

Produzione Silver Star
Distribuzione Import
Codice Area Zona 2 - Europa
EAN 5205058814998
Supporto 9 - Singolo lato, doppio strato
Audio Inglese: Dolby Digital 2.0
Giapponese: Dolby Digital 2.0
Sottotitoli Inglese, Greco.
Formato video 1.33:1
Confezione N/A

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D+VINE [LUV], Ep. 1-4

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