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Blackmail II, Ep. 1-3

Scheda tecnica agg. al 09.05.2006

Titolo fuori catalogo
Episode #1: 1st Stage
Aska is excited about her upcoming wedding to her boyfriend, Ryosuke. Her friends, Aya and Tamami, seem excited for her. Howerver, a dark plot is unfolding around the seemingly happy couple...Aska is on her way to a blissful honeymoon when she is abducted by strange men. Unable to get away, she is taken to their headquarters, where torrid, unspeakable acts are taking place. There, she meets the beautiful debutante, Reika and they are forced into degrading, masochistic acts of shocking depravity. Yumiko, a familiar face, greets her as she watches the carnel event with an evil smile. Meanwhile her younger sister, Miku, is beset by strange phone calls...Followed by perverted demands.

Episode #2: 2nd Stage
On the way to her honeymoon, Aska finds that she is being followed by both Yumiko and sadistic Sekine. Her new husband, Ryosuke, is unaware of the hideous trap unfolding around him and his new bride. The recurring, perverse nightmares will soon creep back into her life with amazing force! Back home, the stage is being set for unimaginable acts involving her mother, Sakura. A shocking plot involving Aska's friends, Aya and Tamami, are about to burst into overdrive...

Episode #3: 3rd Stage
During their honeymoon, Aska and ryosuke are invited to a masquerade party. Forced into a bunny costume by Yumiko, Aska ends up being gang banged by the men at the masquerade party in front of her brand new husband. On Yumiko's command, a girl that looks just like Miku appears in front of Ryosuke to seduce him... Will Ryosuke to seduce him... Will Ryosuke be able to resist the temptation? Meanwhile, Sakura and Miku are caught in a web of a torrid plan gone wrong by Aya.
Scheda Film
Titolo Originale --  
Nazionalità Giappone
Genere Anime Hentai
Durata 90' circa

Produzione Silver Star
Distribuzione Import
Codice Area Zona 2 - Europa
EAN 5205058814790
Supporto 9 - Singolo lato, doppio strato
Audio Inglese: Dolby Digital 2.0
Giapponese: Dolby Digital 2.0
Sottotitoli Inglese, Greco.
Formato video 1.33:1
Confezione N/A

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Blackmail II, Ep. 1-3

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