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Welcome to Pia Carrot 2, Ep. 1-3

Scheda tecnica agg. al 09.05.2006

Titolo fuori catalogo
Featuring the voices of adult film stars DEVON & CHARMAINE STAR

Episode #1
KOJI is late for his job interview at Pia Carrot, but gets hired because he's very persistent. AZUSA (DEVON) who caused him to be late for his interview, hates him with a passion. It seems like the beginning of a pleasurable summer with all the beautiful waitresses. The reality is that the manager RYOKO (CHARMAINE STAR) works him very hard but secretly has a crush on him. RYOKO and AOI are giving him a welcome party, but AOI gets drunk and falls asleep. KOJI and RYOKO are left to themselves to discover the feelings they have for each other.

Episode #2
AZUSA (DEVON) sees KOJI aroused while sleeping, shuts the door to his room, causing him to be late for work...as usual.
The employees of PIA CARROT decided to go to the hot springs for a research trip. KOJI and JUN are rooming together at the hotel. JUN, the other waiter, works with KOJI and secretly has the body of a woman. KOJI has an erotic fantasy about him in the bath and is outraged with his own homosexual thoughts. KOJI joins JUN in the hot springs after a long day of playing around. JUN, sensing something wrong, feel dizzy, passes out, and starts to drown. KOJI grabs his body to save him and feels plump breasts! What will KOJI do? How will he deal with this?

Episode #3
AZUSA's (DEVON) sister MINA goes to Pia Carrot to become a part time worker. MINA likes KOJI and hangs around him all the time. AZUSA, protective of her little sister, gets upset when she sees them together. But, KOJI sees AZUSA and the manager together and he realizes that he's jealous. They are always arguing, and are sometimes at each other's throats... until they both realize that there might be something more between them after all!!!
Scheda Film
Titolo Originale --  
Nazionalitą Giappone
Genere Anime Hentai
Durata 90' circa
Regia Kan Fukumoto
Scritto da Yousei Morino
Interpreti Charmaine Star, Devon
Cantanti Mari Adachi

Produzione Silver Star
Distribuzione Import
Codice Area Zona 2 - Europa
EAN 5205058813830
Supporto 5 - Singolo lato, singolo strato
Audio Inglese: Dolby Digital 2.0
Sottotitoli Greco.
Formato video 1.33:1
Confezione N/A

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Welcome to Pia Carrot 2, Ep. 1-3

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